About Me

After working for different corporate companies for 12 years, I realized I need to be free from and start my own business.I didn’t want someone else to control my future.

And I wanted a lot of vacations.

I didn’t had many wishes but knew freedom can only be gained with a Business.Moreover, I also wanted to help other people as well take that leap and dare to achieve what they have always wanted from life.

I started looking for different business ideas and models and even planned for an Internet Marketing Startup.

Somehow I heard about Network Marketing and my first impression was “No Way” and lots of confusing pictures around it.

I have learnt from my past experiences that whenever an opportunity comes to you, welcome with both hands and look for possibilities.I said yes with this urge of learning and was stunned with the knowledge that I received from successful people in this industry.

I then spoke to many other successful people in this industry and wanted to share their entrepreneurial journey and what makes them successful in this industry.

Today I am blessed to be coached by Business Leaders who are having their business in 100 countries around the globe.

I observed more than anything, it is the education in a Network Marketing setup that produces these 6 figure earner, successful people.

If you are new to Network Marketing, don’t worry.I have been there too and I can help you go through those first 90 days which will determine your future with the business.

I will load this blog with new content regularly to keep you on track and help you reach heights in your business.