7 Powerful Ways To Find People In Network Marketing

7 Powerful Ways To Find People In Network Marketing


There is something amazing About Network Marketing that we Would Always Want to Learn Creative Ways to Find People.

People Lose Hope and Think Business Is Not Going in Their Way If they find Out They Have No One to talk to. It Feels Terrible especially when we are New and are Emotionally Attached to the Outcome.

If you are like Most People You Would Quit and think like this is not your cup of tea.

But Let me assure you, it is like any other profession. You need to learn the skills and Understand that there is a solution for every challenge in this Profession as well if you give yourself enough time to learn.

Therefore I have Outlined 7 Powerful Ways To Find People in Network Marketing.If you are finding it challenging to find people in Network Marketing then you should go through this post till the end.

It might bring Life To Your Dead Business.

  1. Talk To Busy People :

Yes, You Heard that Right! Talk To Busy People. They are the Most Motivated People When It Comes To Work. They already have a reason to work Extra Hours. Try To Find Out People Who are doing Multiple Jobs or are doing anything Part time.

All these People are already taking action and understand that they have to work hard for a Better Financial Future.

You Can Find These People in your contacts or else you can ask for references.

You can ask anyone “Do you know anyone who are working 2 jobs or have extra work apart from their job”. If they ask why you can respond “I would like to help them leave one of them so that they can have a better financial future”.

    2. Give FREE Gift or Organize a Camp To Offer Your Product or Service For Free.

This is Unique and Works Very Well with Network Marketing Companies with a Specific Segment Such as Beauty or Wellness. You Can Offer Free Beauty Product Samples or Demonstration Of Your Product and Also Offer Free Health Checkups.

I have observed People are able To Find Customers and Create Long-Term Relationships as well.

Very Powerful Way To Bring People To Business With Trust and Reliability

   3. Use Social media

The Most Effective Way To Use Social Media is to make 3-5 Connections Everyday and Communicate With Them.

This is a long-term process and with any Social Media Platform, whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

We should aim to create these many contacts every day as this would eventually turn out to be a huge list in 1 Year and By Providing Value To Your Clients, You Can ask them to have a look at your business.

  4. Networking Events

Networking Events are one of the best ways to connect with People and One Can Connect With People Who are like Minded and Progressive. Best Way to connect with these people is through Meetup.com.You Will find Networking Events in Personal Development and Real Estate Stream Happening in your Nearby Areas.

Those Would Be One Of The Best To Connect With as They have the Motivation and Skills To Go Big In Network Marketing.

  5. Trained Salesmen

One of the Major reasons why people quit or Don’t go very long in this business is that they Fear Rejections. Sales People are the Best Prospects as they don’t have any fear from Rejections.

You can go and ask for references from your nearby vendors.

You can ask “who are the best salespeople who happen to meet you” if they ask why then you can respond “you would like to provide them an opportunity to earn more using the skills they already have and doing what they are already doing.

  6. Real Estate Agents

Probably One of the Best Networkers. They already have a huge Network and you can help them earn an extra stream of Income with your Opportunity.

They are always Looking for Opportunities and could turn out to be very good prospects.

Just ask for references from people who would know the best real estate agents or you can check the local classifieds to find out the contact details of Real Estate Agents.

  7. Local Classified Ads

This has turned out to be a jackpot for many people.

You can post ads in Your Local Classified Websites looking for people who would like to work from home or looking for a home based business.

Your ad should not look like a job post as this might attract people who would be looking for jobs.


If you learn all these Steps and Implement it, you will never fall short of leads and these are also easily duplicatable.

So, once you learn and can master any one of these and then teach your team as well.

Which One Of these Lead Generation Strategy You Would Like To Implement For Your Business?

What Else Lead Generation Strategy You Use For Your Business?




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